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Who is the 85th Chess Grandmaster of India?


Harshit Raja


Sayantan Das


P Shyaamnikhil


Nihal Sarin


S P Sethuraman

Answer : Option C
Explanation :

Tamil Nadu’s P Shyaamnikhil became India’s 85th chess Grandmaster(GM).

The 31-year-old chess prodigy, who started his career at the age of eight, finally secured his third and final GM norms at the 2024 Dubai Police Masters Chess Tournament.

R Vaishali was the 84th Indian GM.

P Shyaamnikhil was born in Nagercoil in Tamil Nadu in 1992 and he later shifted to Chennai to pursue his passion in chess.

A male chess player must earn at least a FIDE 2500 Elo rating point in established classical or standard chess and three Grandmaster’s norms in international competition.

For the women chess player the player has to earn a minimum FIDE 2300 ELO rating points and three women Grandmaster’s norm.