46.  According to unit of measurement, internal return is.

Answer & Explanation
A concept of long term production

47.  Kob- Doglash Production function Q = Aha k(1-a) is dependent upon.

Answer & Explanation
Constant interest return

48.  Cattle rearing along with forming is called.

Answer & Explanation
Mixed farming

49.  Which is not the feature of Indian Agriculture?

Answer & Explanation
Supremacy of big firms

50.  Census 2011 was.

Answer & Explanation
15th Census

51.  In Indian Agriculture High Yielding Variety Programme was started in

Answer & Explanation

52.  Poverty in less developed countries is largely due to.

Answer & Explanation
Income inequality

53.  To get rid from evils of sub-division and fragmentation, which among the following is best measure.

Answer & Explanation
Consolidation of Holidays (Chakbandi)

54.  The gradation and standardization of agricultural products are conducted through

Answer & Explanation
DirectorateofMarketing and Inspection

55.  Which Indian industry is employing large number of workers?

Answer & Explanation
Textile industry

56.  Who coined the term 'Hindu rate of growth' for Indian economy?

Answer & Explanation
Raj Krishna

57.  Vintage care are manufactured

Answer & Explanation
Between 1918 and1930

58.  Minimum Support Price (MSP) for food products was started in

Answer & Explanation

59.  'Kisan Credit Card Yojana' was started in

Answer & Explanation

60.  Under 'India Aawas Yojana' residence are provided to

Answer & Explanation
Poor people of rural areas
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