1 . Read the following information and answer the questions that follow.

There are six boys - Amit, Bhushan, Dhruv, Manoj, Harsh and Arvind. They want to go out with six girls - Neha, Shruti, Kruti, Chanchal, Sujata and Radhika, not necessarily in the same order. The pairs went to a movie, beach, park, play and two of them went to circus. They like different cars, viz Esteem, Matiz, Santro and Tata. But Esteem and Matiz are preferred by two pairs.

Further information is as follows:
I. Amit and Manoj visit circus but do not like either Esteem or Tata.
II. Arvind can't go out with Sujata. Both of them do not like Santro.
III. Chanchal and Kruti want to go to movie and park respectively.
IV. Dhruv goes out with Radhika to beach but does not like either Matiz or Tata.
V. Bhushan goes for a movie and likes Esteem.
VI. Harsh can't go out either with Neha or with Shruti and he does not go to a park either in Santro or in Matiz.

Who among the following visits park?
[ A ]    Can't be determined
[ B ]    Harsh
[ C ]    Bhushan
[ D ]    Arvind right
[ E ]    None of these
Answer : Option D
Explanation :
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