Independence Day Essay for Students and Children

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Independence Day Essay for Students and Children 

Independence Day Essay for Students

On August 15 of each year, India commemorates the day it gained its independence. In the year 1947, on this day, India declared its independence from British rule. This day marks the occasion. The fact that Lord Mountbatten regarded the 15th of August as a lucky date is what ultimately led to India gaining its independence on that day. Because the Japanese forces had already surrendered earlier that day in the year 1945, and it was the same day.

Essay on the Significance of the 15th August 

In addition, we honor those who fought for our independence on 15th August  by celebrating Independence Day. mainly due to the fact that they were the ones who fought for our country and gave their lives for it. The day we celebrate our independence is very significant to us. mainly because it is the only day on which we are able to remember our ancestors who gave their lives for their country. Additionally, it is the only day of the year on which we can put aside our numerous cultural distinctions and come together as a single authentic Indian nation.

The Significance of Celebrating Our Nation's Independence Day

The celebration of Independence Day in our nation is carried out on an extremely large scale. Light is used extensively as a decorative element in each and every government building. Aside from that, these lights are orange, green, and white in colour respectively. Simply put, these are the colours that are used in our national flag. In addition, everyone who works in the offices, whether they do so for the government or for a private company, is required to be there. to raise the flag of our nation and to sing the national anthem of our land. Nevertheless, there are a variety of additional factors that contribute to the significance of our Independence Day.

In Honor of Our Past and Present Freedom Fighters

Our nation's Freedom Fighters fought for our freedom and the freedom of our country. In addition, they are the ones who gave their lives for our country and made the ultimate sacrifice. On this particular day, every person in the nation remembers and honours them for all that they have done for the country. There is an organization of different functions in schools and colleges across the country. The students put on performances that are meant to symbolise the struggle that our freedom fighters went through.

In addition to this, the students will be performing patriotic songs both singly and in duets. in order to in still a sense of patriotism and love for our nation in each of us. On this particular day, there is no work done in any of the offices. In addition, in order to demonstrate their loyalty to their nation, the officials wear dresses in the colours of the tricolour. Additionally, employees in a variety of offices are giving speeches to educate people about the struggle for freedom. And the efforts that our freedom fighters put forth in order to establish this country as a sovereign nation.

To Inspire Patriotism in Young People So That They Can Better Serve Their Nation

Our nation's youth possesses the potential to usher in a new era for our country. It has been accurately stated that the young generation will determine the course of the future. Therefore, it is our responsibility to serve the nation and put forth as much effort as we can into making our country a better place. One of the primary goals of the celebration of Independence Day is to in still civic consciousness in the next generation.

In addition to this, it is to explain to them how our nation overcame the oppression of the British and won its independence. And the ones that our freedom fighters have made in order to protect our nation by giving their lives. In addition to that, it is done for the purpose of the children learning the history of their nation, which is another reason why it is done. And the manner in which the progression took place over the course of the previous years. In order for them to take their future careers seriously and to actively work toward making our country a better place.

Independence Day Essay for Students and Children

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