Green carpet on footpath Alipiri to tirumala

4 months ago

Green carpet on footpath Alipiri to tirumala - TTD chairman Sri YV Subba Reddy was moved by the sufferings that devotees faced while walking on scorching stairs and blacktopped roads. On Saturday, he asked staff to organise on a war footing and complete the installation of a green carpet along the walkway within the next 24 hours.

On Friday, when the chairman was making his way lower toward Tirumala, he was struck by the sight of worshipers at Mokali Mettu and Akkagarla Gudi who were in obvious pain. When he stopped along the route, he spoke with the devotees and listened to their complaints about the difficulties they had while travelling in the scorching heat and across searing stone stairs and paved roadways.

Almost immediately, he got in touch with the Chief Engineer of the TTD, Sri Nageswara Rao, and gave him orders to lay down a green carpet and sprinkle water within the next twenty-four hours. As soon as they were aware of the blazing heat, the officials sprang into action and by the next morning had placed green carpeting and sprayed water at numerous intersections.

The devotees were overjoyed by the prompt response of the TTD, and they praised the chairman of the TTD for his responsiveness in a timely manner to the difficulties experienced by devotees.

Speaking at the event, the chairman of the TTD said that in light of the scorching heat of summer and the massive rush of common devotees to the hill shrine during the waning days of summer, officials have been given the directive to organise facilities on footpaths and also on junctions throughout Tirumala.


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Green carpet on footpath Alipiri to tirumala

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