PADMAVATHI PARINAYOTSAVAM HELD WITH RELIGIOUS FERVOUR _ అష్టలక్ష్మీ మండపంలో వేడుకగా శ్రీ పద్మావతీ పరిణయోత్సవాలు ప్రారంభం

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The annual three-day Padmavathi Srinivasa Parinayotsavam, which began on Tuesday evening at Narayanagiri Gardens in Tirumala amid religious fervour, concluded on Wednesday evening.

A miniature Gaja Vahanam transported Sri Malayappa Swamy to the Parinayotsava Mandiram from the Vahana Mandapam, while Sridevi and Bhudevi arrived at the elaborately decorated Mandapam on separate Pallakis from the temple.

In later years, traditional performances of Edurkolu, Varanamayiram, and Bantata were staged, with a group of authorities and religious staffs taking the side of Swamy, and another group taking the side of the Goddesses, facing in the opposite direction of each other.

Following the completion of these rites, the three deities were seated on a swing that had been artistically ornamented. At a later date, the Chaturveda Parayanam was performed on the auspicious occasion of the heavenly marriage of the deities, and it was followed by Vasanta Ragaas, Kalyani Ragaas, Bhopala Ragaas, Ananda Bhairavis, Gandharis, Madhyamavati Ragaas, and other Tala Vaidyams.

Smt Bullemma and the Annamacharya Project team provided excellent service to the Sankeertans community.

The devotees who had gathered to see the entire occurrence were in a state of spiritual rapture during the entire event.

There were also other authorities in attendance, including EO (FAC) Sri AV Dharma Reddy, SE 2 Sri Jagadeeshwar Reddy, DyEO Sri Ramesh Kumar, VGO Sri Bali Reddy, and others.

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