31.  VAT was firstly implemented in

Answer & Explanation

32.  Coorporate tax are imposed by central govt., but used by

Answer & Explanation
Both state & central

33.  In Indian Agriculture High Yielding Variety Programme was started in

Answer & Explanation

34.  Which is not the feature of Indian Agriculture?

Answer & Explanation
Supremacy of big firms

35.  Golden Handshake Scheme is associated with

Answer & Explanation
Establishing Joint Enterprises

36.  Achievement in agriculture by India has not reached upto a greater level due to

Answer & Explanation
Small holdings

37.  Which is the characteristic of Indian Agriculture?

Answer & Explanation
Land Scard, labour surplus

38.  Cattle rearing along with forming is called.

Answer & Explanation
Mixed farming

39.  Minimum Support Price, in India is decided by.

Answer & Explanation
CommissionofAgriculture cost and Price.

40.  To get rid from evils of sub-division and fragmentation, which among the following is best measure.

Answer & Explanation
Consolidation of Holidays (Chakbandi)

41.  Third situation of low of variable proportion is

Answer & Explanation
Negative return

42.  The excess of the price, person is to pay rather than forego the consumption of the commodity is called.

Answer & Explanation
Producer's surplus

43.  Increasing internal return means

Answer & Explanation
Decreasing cost

44.  Census 2011 was.

Answer & Explanation
15th Census

45.  If on decreasing rate of interest increase in marginal internal return, then total internal return.

Answer & Explanation
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