Another leopard trapped 7th mile in Tirumala ghat

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In a remarkable display of persistence and expertise, forestry authorities have successfully captured another elusive leopard near the 7th mile point on the Alipiri footpath. After a week of evading capture despite being detected on trap cameras, the leopard was lured into a strategically positioned cage. This achievement marks the fourth successful capture since the commencement of "Operation Tiger Candy" in June. The operation was initiated after a young boy was attacked by a leopard, and later resumed following the tragic demise of a six-year-old girl. These incidents prompted heightened scrutiny of the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) and the forest department, resulting in restrictions on pilgrim movement through the forested footpaths to Tirumala.

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Another leopard trapped 7th mile in Tirumala ghat

Another leopard has been successfully captured within a cage strategically placed in the forest vicinity around the 7th mile point on the Alipiri footpath, as confirmed by forestry authorities. Despite the wild animal being detected on trap cameras a week prior, its capture had proven elusive. The leopard had repeatedly approached the cage on numerous occasions, only to retreat, causing consternation among the vigilant forest officials who tirelessly monitored the movements of wildlife through the extensive network of over 300 trap cameras meticulously positioned throughout the forest spanning from Alipiri, the trailhead, to Mokalimitta near Tirumala.

Demonstrating unwavering commitment, the diligent forestry officials employed a variety of strategies to ensure the apprehension of the elusive leopard. Ultimately, their endeavors culminated in the successful enclosure of the leopard within the cage, much to the relief of both the forest department and the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD). This marks the fourth leopard captured since June, making it a significant achievement under the "Operation Tiger Candy."

Another leopard trapped 7th mile in Tirumala ghat

The inception of this operation dates back to June when a young boy named Koushik fell victim to a leopard attack, prompting the forest department to initiate comprehensive measures resulting in the capture of the first leopard. Following a period of relative calm, the operation was reignited on August 12th following the tragic demise of a six-year-old girl named Lakshita on August 11th. The unsettling incident, where the girl lost her life while journeying to Tirumala alongside her family from Nellore district, sparked nationwide shock and invoked criticism directed at both the TTD and the forest department. Consequently, this led to restrictions on pilgrim movement along the footpaths that traverse the dense forests en route to Tirumala.

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